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ParkOps focuses on increasing Service Revenue and bringing true hospitality to your Service Drive. Say goodbye to costly time-wasting activities like handling hourly employees, recruiting and claims liability.

Through our 5-Diamond Hospitality training, every ParkOps employee lives up to our “excellence as standard” policy in professionalism, transparency, integrity, accountability, and personal growth. With our automotive hospitality service, you can expect every door to be opened and every customer to be greeted warmly and professionally. Every attendant is held to the highest standard of professional appearance and personal etiquette.

ParkOps prides itself on being fully scalable. With our easy-to-use hospitality dashboard, your operation can add or reduce staff depending on the day, week, and season. About to have a sale? Our local on-call staff can be dispatched at any time. Slow season? Reduce staff with the click of a button.

Get your Techs and Advisors back to work. With the average Franchise Auto Dealer billing over $100 per hour in Tech and Advisor time, a store can lose over $20,000 per month in "Down" Time while Mechanics and Advisors are staging and washing customer vehicles.

Manage your time better. ParkOps allows your management to focus on revenue generating activities while we take care of the backend. No more wasting hours and money on handling hourly employees. No more recruitment, HR issues, or employee turnover rates. We take care of that for you.

ParkOps also removes the claims liability from your operation. We assume FULL liability of every vehicle we handle. All of our drivers and staff are covered on our policy. With an average 3 claims for every 100,000 vehicles parked, the ParkOps “safety first” training and attitude significantly decrease accidents and claims.


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