Service Stars

More than just “porters,” our Service Stars start laying the foundation for a lasting relationship as soon as your customers walk through the door.

Fully knowledgeable in your dealership’s current promotions, frequently asked questions, and other facets of your business, the ParkOps Service Stars are your customers’ “go-to guys” and are waiting to lend a hand.


What Makes Our Porters Different?

Our porters know how to manage an influx of cars, without dropping a bead of sweat. A ParkOps porter knows how to hustle up to a car. They always remember the names of returning customers and know when it’s appropriate to chat up a customer. Excellent communicators, the ParkOps porter direct patrons to where they need to go and inform team members accordingly.

ParkOps porters are incredibly organized. We’ve engrained your business into our employees. We’ve carefully laid out and tailored procedures to keep your operation running smoothly at all times. With a detailed overview of your business, our porters know where everything is and when everything needs to get done.

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