The CleanTeam

Each vehicle on your lot passes through our CleanTeam’s 24-point Perfection Inspection to ensure a flawless delivery to your customers.

Our Auto Detail and Wash Services are organized to remove every dirt and dust particle in a timely fashion, regardless of vehicle influx.

What Makes Our CleanTeam Different?

We know how imperative wash quality is on customer surveys. The cleanliness of all cars, especially loaners, is a direct reflection of our entire service team and, more importantly, your business. Because of this, we’ve instilled a rigorous wash and detail plan to ensure each vehicle exiting your lot is in impeccable condition.

Our team works with your team - we know how hectic it can be when washers, lot technicians, service technicians, and detailers try to work on a car at the same time. Our guys and gals keep their cool and keep the process moving.

No floormat is left unturned: our CleanTeam has a nose for dirt and dust. The ParkOps CleanTeam is well versed in how to manage different types of cars, especially luxury vehicles. Team members work together to make every car look and smell like new again.

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