Trained to instantly relax your guests, our Greeters offer a human touch to dealership sales.

ParkOps Greeters are more than door openers and handshakes. As the first impression, they recognize that they carry the highest level of responsibility at a dealership.


What Makes Our Greeters Different?

Greeters know they are usually the first impression of your business. Especially when dealing with high-end clientele, our greeters provide a luxury-level experience as soon as your customers step through the door. They know the ins and outs of your operation and can assist with any initial question your customers may have.

Our greeters keep everyone on-task. From maintaining an orderly Drive to communicating effectively with advisers and other employees, the ParkOps greeter is the epitome of service with a smile.

Always anticipating the needs of the customer, greeters know exactly where to direct the influx of patrons and how to remedy any given customer situation. Constantly cool, calm, and collected, our greeters are engaging and effective to drive a positive impression of your business.

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