Service Captains

Your Service Captain constantly has a bird’s eye view over our hospitality team to ensure your guests have nothing less than an impeccable experience.

Your onsite manager. With at least three years of management experience under their belts, our Service Captains have been rigorously trained in ParkOps’ ThinkService and ThinkSafe programs.


What Makes Our Captains Different?

Our captains never lose focus. Responsible for all team members, our captains fill out daily audit reports to be reviewed by ownership. To uphold all facets of world class hospitality, our captains know the inner workings of every role and never waste downtime.

The ParkOps Service Captain is here to give your operation peace of mind. Armed with a completed overview of your business and operation, our captains keep team members in check: every customer greeted, every car impeccably cleaned. While you drive sales, our captains are driving relationships with your customers to keep them coming back.

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